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My first flail mower

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Assembly was no problem and I had it mounted on my Kubota just in time for a hard rain, so it went immediately to the barn. Next day I tried mowing even though there was more standing water than I realized. This mower has hammer type flails (Y-type available) which are scoop shaped and create a suction at the mowing level, which normelly would be a good thing, but not for mowing through water. It sucks it up and bogs down. I'm in sw Florida and this is our rainy season, so we often have more water than we want and it was several days before I could give the mower a good trial. I was very happy with the results after I raised the cutting height from the factory setting. It leaves a very nice, even cut and no windrows like you get with a conventional mower, since the discharge is spread over the whole cutting width. Also no tall weeds are left to pop back up again. This seems to be a well-built heavy duty unit - it weighs around 600 pounds. So far, so good!

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