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ATV120E with electric start engine---------$2850.

ATV150E with electric start engine---------$3050.

We have sold out ATV120/150E, we will restock them in August, welcome to contact with us and reserve it.

ATV Pull Behind Flail Mower - 429cc 14HP Kohler Command PRO engine - 0.7LBS(320gram) forging hammer - 45" & 57" working width - up to 15" grass height

Free shipping to any location within the lower 48 states (or continetal U.S.). Alaska, Hawaii & Canada Require a surcharge !

Flail mower, ATV mower with 4-stroke Kohler 14HP engine for car trailer hook - powerful flail mower without PTO shaft !


Nova Tractor ATV mower is a powerful flail mower that is driven by Kohler Command PRO 14HP engine, it is with standard 2" towball which can be mounted on your car, Pickup, lawn mower, Quad/ATV/UTV. For easy operation there is an emergency breakaway cut off switch and a ATV mount throttle adjustment control.


Kohler Command PRO 14HP engine Nova Tractor ATV mower is driven by Kohler Command PRO 14HP electric start engine.

Forged flail hammer. Nova Tractor ATV mower is with 28 or 32 units forged and galvanized high performance hammer knives, each weight is 320gram / 0.7LBS. The rotor shaft turns with up to 3200 rpm and cuts the material down to a minimum, so that it can rot away fast. The Nova Tractor ATV-flail mower is the ideal machine for mowing fields of any kind, but it can also be used for undergrowth, small bushes and jobs in difficult terrain. The heavy roller in the back of the mower guarantees smooth performance even on rough grounds. Due to the large and wide tires, the Nova Tractor ATV-flail mower can also be used on soft surface.

Two belt driven system. The introduction of the Nova Tractor two-belt-drive system with a high precision clutch leads to a drive system that has virtually 100% power transfer rate with virtually 0% belt slippage over years. Belt slippage on belt systems is a major issue leading to belt failure. The Bowell belt tension system eradicates this which not only saves money and downtime, but also means that our new powerful engine can be fitted, again without belt slippage. It is no longer needed to open the belt cover to check the belt tension. There is a small test window where you can check the belt tension and condition in seconds. The belt tension is done by lifting the entire engine platform by a well accessible mechanism, again without having to open the belt cover.

Two mowing width available. Nova Tractor ATV mower is with two mowing width which is 45inch / 115cm and 57inch / 145cm.

Flexible wheel setup. The mowing height can be adjusted from 3/4 inch to 2 3/4 inch (20 - 70mm). The draw bar is fully adjustable and has a 3 point offset function to minimize ground tramping. The extremely variable offset function also enables you to drive more closely to walls and fences and you can easily mow under bushes or solar panels. In driving direction to the right the Nova Tractor ATV flail mower offers 55inch / 140cm (ATV-120) or 68inch / 175cm (ATV-150) offset from the middle of the towing vehicle. In driving direction to the left ATV flail mower offers 68inch / 175cm (ATV-120) or 80inch / 205cm (ATV-150) offset from the middle of the towing vehicle. These are offset values that are normally only reached by tractors and their hydraulic side shift mowers.

The ATV-flail mower is normally used with the wheels mounted to each side, so that even smaller ATVs can easily pull the 491LBS / 580LBS flail mower savely through rough terrain. For special applications like mowing near fences, walls or buildings the wheels can also be mounted on the rear of the mower using the supplied rear wheel mount bracket.

Rear gate for easy maintenance. Nova Tractor ATV mower is with rear gate, you can open it easily to check the hammer and rotor condition for maintenance.

SKF rotor bearing . Nova Tractor ATV mower is with SKF brand rotor bearing.

We from Nova Tractor firmly believe that you will not find a better value for money mid size ATV flail mower in the US market. Feel free to compare ours to the other products in the market and we are sure you will agree.


Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation ! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the English user manual.

Technical Data

Dimensions (LxWxH)inch

wheels on the side or on the rear

79 x 64 x 36

79 x 60 x 36

79 x 76 x 36

79 x 68 x 36

Total weight
491 LBS
580 LBS
working width
45 inch
57 inch
recommended grass height
15 inch
adjustable mowing height
3/4 to 2 3/4 inch (20 - 70mm)
tire size
16" x 6.5" – 8"
trailer connector
2 inch Towball
working efficiency
0.5 - 0.6 acre/h
0.6 - 0.75 acre/h
drive system
2 belt driven system
Kohler Command PRO 14HP electric start engine
electric start, battery included
fuel tank
1.5 gal
rotor shaft diameter / material strength
43 inch / 3.2 inch
rear roller  diameter / material strength
40 inch / 2 inch
material strength mower housing
0.16 inch
material strength side walls
0.25 inch
powder coating
flail type
flail hammer, forged and galvanized
number of flails
weight per flail hammer
0.7 LBS
rotor RPM when engine at full speed
3200 RPM
wood packing box size (L x W x H)
75x41x43 inch
87x41x43 inch

Check mower's position on your ATV according to this size list.

D: max ground clearance in transport mode

E: wheel in side position

F: wheel in rear position

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ATV tow behind mower

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